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Don’t Should All Over Grief

Don’t Should All Over Grief

April 22, 2021

Your loved one died? Oh, let me give you some advice… You should be crying more. You should not be crying so much. You should not be back at work. You should get on with your life. You should not still be feeling this sad. You should, should, should…. When it comes to grief we are bombarded with conflicting messages, everyone’s opinion, and frankly a whole lot of should. However, in the words of  Nietzsche — 'You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.’ 


You can learn more the Carry The Fire 28 Day, Multi-Media Grief Retreat at: 

Invisible Roots of Healing with Special Guest Rowen Mikodah

Invisible Roots of Healing with Special Guest Rowen Mikodah

April 19, 2021

Special guest, Rowen Mikodah, knows personally and professionally what it takes to get to the root of your wounds and transform them. She knows because she has been there herself.


In this podcast, you will learn

  • How to trust yourself, and trust the Divine
  • How to accept yourself and your sensitivities
  • The best practices for feeling your emotions and releasing them from your body
  • Rowen’s inspiring story to help you uncover your roots: shame, doubt, fear, and guilt and empower yourself
  • How to explore the invisible roots of healing within you to become your own advocate and healer

Learn more about Rowen -

Wounded Healer with special guest Nancy McKay

Wounded Healer with special guest Nancy McKay

April 5, 2021

There are times in life when we run - from our pain, the reality of life, our relationships, the gaps inside of our bodies and spirits. Some of us run because we have old traumas that continue to arise. Some of us run because we were never taught to feel our scary emotions, so we run because life feels overwhelming.

When we run, we often use substances and things outside of ourselves to numb, push down and hide our pain. These substances can be as benign as watching too much Netflix, or as dangerous as overeating, drinking, and using drugs. Anything outside ourselves can be used as a way to avoid the darkness inside. I call this dancing around the void. We become Void Dancers because it is too scary to face what is lurking in our shadows.

Ariela joins Nancy McKay as she tells her story. Nancy is sober and a survivor of cancer and she has hit rock bottom and faced herself and the gaping holes inside. Nancy now teaches other women how to survive and thrive from addictions and unhealthy behaviors.

Soul Mapping with special guest Jamie Blackburn

Soul Mapping with special guest Jamie Blackburn

March 23, 2021

Tired, anxious, stressed, and burnt out? These are just a few words to describe the overwhelm that women are feeling today.  The burnout is real and is amplified in the pandemic. Because most of us are stressed by our life circumstances and the current state of the world, it’s more difficult and takes more energy to access the emotional regulation, the much-needed self-care, and soul centering we need in order to create a life we don’t need to escape from. Nature excursions are just some of the small ways we can keep ourselves afloat and find our center.  

In this podcast, Ariela talks to Jamie Blackburn, of the Inner Map Project, to explore what it means to connect with nature to find your passion, love, and reclaim energy.

Soul Centered Cinema: The Disney Movie - “Soul”

Soul Centered Cinema: The Disney Movie - “Soul”

March 17, 2021

Soul Centered Cinema: Life, Death & Legacy

Movie #1: Disney’s “Soul”

In this new Soul Centered podcast series: Soul Centered Cinema: Life, Death & Legacy, Ariela and Baruch explore the recent Disney movie, “Soul.” This is a powerful, modern tale, about an ancient, kabbalistic and universal spiritual principle - the divine spark. Within each and everyone of us there is this spark, and our soul purpose is to realize it, live it and leave a legacy of inspiration and illumination as we share this spark with the world. 

You can download the Soul Centered Discussion & Journaling Guide to help deepen the Soul Centered Cinema experience

The Garden of Grief with special guest, Lara Miller

The Garden of Grief with special guest, Lara Miller

March 8, 2021

We never choose to lose someone we love. But when loss comes knocking on our door, the question is, how do we move through it? Can we feel every emotion, get up even when we feel knocked down, and find meaning inside tragedy?

In this podcast, Ariela is joined by Lara Miller, farmer, and entrepreneur, to explore her tragic loss of her husband at the age of 37, with 3 young children, and how she carries her husband’s fire and spirit after the greatest loss of her life.

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