Soul Centered Podcast

Divine Origins (with Ariela) Wounded Healer with special guest Nancy McKay

April 5, 2021

There are times in life when we run - from our pain, the reality of life, our relationships, the gaps inside of our bodies and spirits. Some of us run because we have old traumas that continue to arise. Some of us run because we were never taught to feel our scary emotions, so we run because life feels overwhelming.

When we run, we often use substances and things outside of ourselves to numb, push down and hide our pain. These substances can be as benign as watching too much Netflix, or as dangerous as overeating, drinking, and using drugs. Anything outside ourselves can be used as a way to avoid the darkness inside. I call this dancing around the void. We become Void Dancers because it is too scary to face what is lurking in our shadows.

Ariela joins Nancy McKay as she tells her story. Nancy is sober and a survivor of cancer and she has hit rock bottom and faced herself and the gaping holes inside. Nancy now teaches other women how to survive and thrive from addictions and unhealthy behaviors.

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