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Let’s Get Spiritually Messy: From Caterpillar To Butterfly And The Messy Journey of Life

October 8, 2021

So often when we think of a spiritual journey, we assume it is something filled with divine grace and energetic flow and ease. At times it certainly will be, however, that is rarely the starting point.

Just look to nature and the process of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly to understand that transformation is not a simple and tidy process. That caterpillar is transformed through a painful and messy metamorphosis inside that chrysalis (cocoon), as it dies to what it was on its way to emerging what it was meant to be. This is how butterflies are born. This is how babies are born. This is how we are born on our spiritual journey in this life. Face the struggle, accept the messiness and embrace the process in its entirety on your spiritual journey through this life.


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